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EASY TO USE - Easy to use T-handle rasp and plug tools with a comfortable grip

DURABLE REPAIR - Extra-strong tyre repair plug strings to make sure your fix goes the distance

RUBBER CEMENT INCLUDED - 12mL rubber cement tube that is easy to store and great for multiple repairs

FOR TUBELESS TYRES - For use on tubeless car & truck tyres to get you out of a tricky spot


  1. Insert the rasp tool into the hole and slide it up and down to roughen and clean the inside of it. 
  2. Dip the tip of the plug needle in the rubber cement solution. 
  3. Use one sealing strip and attach it to the plug needle. 
  4. Insert the strip at the angle of the puncture. Push approximately 2/3 of the way in. 
  5. Pull the needle straight out with a rapid motion. Do not twist. 
  6. Cut off any excess sealing strip
  7. Reinflate the tyre to test for air leaks. 

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